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Underage Gambling Awareness Efforts Awarded With Scholarships

Six Missouri high school students won scholarships in the 12th annual Project 21 Scholarship Contest, sponsored by the Missouri Gaming Association (MGA), the professional organization representing casino operators in Missouri.

The awards included two $1,500 and four $1,000 scholarships and were presented to Missouri high school seniors. The students competed for the scholarships by creating an article, poster or video that educated their peers about the dangers of underage gambling.

The winners were:

  • Alyssa Longcor of St. Robert, a senior at Waynesville Technical Academy, received a $1,500 scholarship (see the image of Alyssa's poster below);
  • Fiona Odu of Kansas City, a senior at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy High School, received a $1,500 scholarship (click here to read Fiona's essay);
  • Megan Beyer of Linn, a senior at Linn High School, received a $1,000 scholarship (see the image of Megan's poster below);
  • Jennifer Sare of Willard, a senior at Pleasant Hope High School, received a $1,000 scholarship (see the image of Jennifer's poster below);
  • Joanna Lee of Carthage, a senior at Carthage High School, received a $1,000 scholarship (click here to read Joanna's essay); and
  • Ellie Koehly of Moberly, a senior at Moberly High School, received a $1,000 scholarship (click here to read Ellie's essay).

Alyssa Longcor Poster
Alyssa Longcor Poster

Megan Beyer Poster
Megan Beyer Poster

Jennifer Sare Poster
Vanessa Moss Poster

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